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Choose Your Ingredients

Select up to ten ingredients from our custom blends and raw materials. Click an ingredient's name to view more details or click the image to add an ingredient to your formula. Ingredients that you add to your formula will appear in the box above.

Adjust Your Formula

Mouseover over an ingredient in your formula and click to increase its amount. The percentage is shown to for each ingredient and changes automatically as you add ingredients and adjust the amount of each. Click to decrease an ingredient's amount and to remove it from your formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I use the custom blends?

Use our custom blends as the base, or foundation, for your fragrance, then build the rest of the fragrance around it. Our blends are made up of heart and base notes that help root a fragrance and make it last longer. Begin with a blend, or combination of blends, at 60% or higher. Then, add individual raw materials to make the fragrance uniquely yours.

+ How much of each raw material should I add?

This varies greatly by raw material — some materials smell great as high as 100%, others can be overpowering as low as 2%. For usage guidance, look to the information provided for each raw material. A powerful ingredient can create a big impact at 1%. You can dilute stronger materials by increasing the percentage of others.

+ In what order should I add ingredients?

It's a personal preference. Some people like to start with top notes, then heart notes, then base notes; others like to group similar materials or accords. Ultimately, the order that you add your ingredients has no impact on the scent of your fragrance.

+ Help! I don't know what I like.

Scent Market is full of resources to help you get started. Answer a few questions to receive personalized recommendations, browse our collection of raw materials and custom blends available for use in your fragrance, get inspired by our database of classic and popular fragrances on the market, or order a palette to sample ingredients before getting started.